23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

Minnesota Shorts Showcase (Shorts Programs)
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DIRECTOR: Minnesota Shorts Showcase

This year, the MN Shorts program received nearly 100 submissions from local ?lm and video makers! We have selected 14 shorts that we feel best represent the diversity and artistry of our local ?lmmaking community.
-Isaac Gale and Joe Midthun, programmers

Between the Boys (4min)
Exploring a relationship involving two young men which falls into the gray area between the sexual experimentation of adolescence and the world of adult emotions, Between the Boys glimpses a complex bond full of taboos and secrets.
Directed by: Jake Yuzna
Starring: Rick Stahlmann & Adam Vanderveen

Committed (4min)
A couples’ therapy session becomes a nightmare track and field event in this techno-infused short.
Directed by: Ryder Seeler
Starring: Dennis Groess, Michele Masera & Anne Fink

Eastern Manchuria (4min)
A stream of consciousness animation about a robotic bear who gives up his life as a custodian to find love in the wild.
Directed by: Aaron Anderson

Eventually Everybody Hits Their Stride (11min)
Ignored by his peers and weighed down by his meaningless job, Scott searches for relief from his mind-numbing routine. The movie all of Corporate America must see!
Directed by: Chris Stocksmith
Starring: Jim Martyka & Jim Halloran

expectorants (9min)
Woken from his Halloween nap, a sparkly-eyed farm boy is forced to tend to his shimmering bedfellow in this beautifully strange, daydreamy short.
Directed by: William Scott Rees & JoEllen Martinson
Starring: Tina Testa & William Scott Rees

The G.I. (5min)
Winter, 1944. An allied Corporal gets separated from his squad and must fight for his survival after a Nazi ambush. But what lurks in the woods is even more horrific….
Directed & Edited by: Mike Nelson
Starring: Lance Hendrikson

I’m Just a Tree (5min)
An old dead tree observes a friendly ?y that is forced to respond to the painful reality of losing everything he has ever loved, all at once.
Directed by: Paul Danhauser
Narrated by: Brent Bollenbach

Loving Two (5min)
Shot in 2 hours on the streets of Austin, TX, this pixilation gem blurs a nighttime world where loss of vision leads to lonely wandering in search of love.
Directed by: Adam Sekuler
Starring: David Modigliani & Abi Basch
Music by: Adam Sultan

Magic Bunny (3min)
A documentation of a most extraordinary performance, Magic Bunny is full of magic, booze and bunnies. Pretty girls too.
Directed and Edited by: Robert Marbury
Starring: Christian Fastrup & Jeremy Guskin

Say Nothing (2min)
The alternate ending to an ‘80’s teen romance classic.
Directed by: Sleepy Eye
Starring: Cyndi Kurtz & Carson Lee

Self-Important Empirical Film #3, with Voice-over (6min)
An offbeat examination of early adulthood, as seen through the eyes of the clinically depressed young aesthete.
Directed & Edited by: Dave Andrae
Starring: Dave Andrae & various pedestrians

Shroud and Torrent (8min)
This poetic essay portrays the spiritual transformation of a young Iranian Moslem woman.
Directed by: Jila Nikpay
Starring: Serena Dixon & Homayra Meshkinghalam

Tara’s Party (8min)
Tara’s friends arrive to celebrate her birthday party, but will she have any friends left when the party is over?
Directed by: Emily Haddad
Starring: Nadia Haddad

Two Will Fly (5min)
A sublime convergence of dance, music, and film, Two Will Fly tells the story of two animals that dream of ?ying to escape the forest.
Directed by: Andrew Rosas
Starring: Kate Westerlund & Emily Wagner

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