23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

Kontroll (Contemporary World Cinema)
2004 - Hungary - 106 min.

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DIRECTOR: Nimród Antal
CAST: Sandor Badar, Eszter Balla, Sandor Scanyi,Lajos Kovacs.Csaba Pindroch

This fast-paced, energetic joyride through the Budapest subway labyrinth, Hungary’s biggest boxoffice success last year, is set amid the eccentric world of scrappy ticket inspectors as they spar with wacky passengers while pursuing a masked killer who shoves unsuspecting commuters in the path of oncoming trains. The dingy Budapest transit system, built in Soviet times, provides a rich social background amid verite-style camera work and quick edits as the story explores an array of night-crawling East European types, with the killer running loose among pimps, soccer hooligans, and sleepy night owls. A ragtag team that doesn’t surface for days is led by impulsive, 20-something Bulcsu (rising star Sandor Csanyi), a wise professor, some scrappy novices ,and narcoleptic Muki( Pindroch), who all the while have to answer to demanding company functionaries. Feature debut by Los Angeles-born,Pasadena Art Center grad Nimrod Antal, who now lives in Budapest, was Hungary’s Oscar submission this year. Having previously directed two short films, Bohóclövészet (1994) and Biztosítás (1998), 31-year-old Hungarian director Nimród Antal has made something of a splash with his stylish first feature. To date it has won awards at eight international film festivals, including Cannes, where it won the Award of the Youth. Al Milgrom

PRODUCER: Café Film, Budapest
SCREENWRITER: Jim Adler, Nimród Antal
EDITOR: Istvan Kiraly
PRINT SOURCE: Think Film, Inc.

Saturday, April 09 7:30pm Crown Theaters Block E
Sunday, April 10 5pm Lagoon Cinema

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