23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

Schizo (Contemporary World Cinema)
2004 - Kazakhstan - 86 mintes

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CAST: Oldzhas Nusupbayev, Olga Landina, Eduard Tabishev

An uncommonly moving feature about characters in desperate circumstances, this is both a unique coming-of-age tale and a sterling feature from actress-turned-writer-turned-director Guka Omarova. Although Mustafa, or “Schizo,” is not quite 15, he gets caught up in sordid adult dealings, and struggles to maintain his sense of right. Growing up destitute in early ‘90s Kazakhstan, he earned the nickname “Schizo” from his classmates as a result of his eccentric behavior. With no support from his family, he is forced to strike out on his own. He does so by helping his mom’s boyfriend organize an illegal boxing syndicate. But when one young man dies boxing, Schizo finds new purpose in life. Austere direction, stark imagery, and brilliant performances serve to create a remarkable portrait of a vulnerable and humane young man who manages to blossom in the toxic soil of a devastated country. Born in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 1968, Gulshat Omarova grew up under Soviet rule. She has acted in numerous films, most notably Sergei Bodrov’s Sisters. Her resumé includes work in television, journalism, and documentary filmmaking. She teamed up again with Bodrov to co-write the world-wide hit Sisters. This is her feature film debut. –EC

PRODUCER: Sergei Azimov, Sergei Bodrov, Serrgei Selyanov
SCREENWRITER: Sergei Bodrov, Guka Omarova
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Khasan Kydyraliyev
EDITOR: Ivan Lebedev
SPECIAL INFO: Recipient of the Fipresci Award at the Haifa Film Festival
PRINT SOURCE: Picture This! Entertainment

Friday, April 15 7:30pm Crown Theaters Block E
Saturday, April 16 5:30pm Crown Theaters Block E
Sunday, April 17 9:00pm 2

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