23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

I Love Cinema (Contemporary World Cinema)
2004 - Egypt - 125 minutes

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DIRECTOR: Osama Fawzi
CAST: Laila Eloui, Mahmoud Hemida, Menna Shalabi, Aida Abdel Aziz,Youssef Osman

Showing the daily life of an Egyptian Christian family, I Love Cinema is a nostalgic look at the recent history of Egypt and a shout for creative freedom! With his big glasses and thick mustache, Adly is full of contradictions: At home, he is a tough father who instructs his seven-year old son Naeem that watching cinema is a major sin. But as a social worker at school, he lends money to the poor students who are in need for financial support. His wife Ne’emat, is a school supervisor caught in the daily work routine that made her loose her artistic touch as a painter and a drawing teacher. Adly's increasingly fanatical Coptic Christian views hamper his career progress and threaten his marriage as he unknowingly pushes a frustrated spouse into the arms of an artistic, politically leftist coworker. Set in Cairo in the 1960s Osama Fawzi's film plays like an Egyptian Amarcord. AHS Born in Cairo in 1961, Oussama Fawzi graduated in directing from the Film Institute with a fiction short, The Climax. From 1979 to 1985 he worked as assistant to such Egyptian directors as Hussein Kamal, Ashraf Fahmi, Assan el-Emam, Niazi Mustafa and many others. In 1985, he abandoned his work as assistant to set up his own company and produce The Dwarfs Are Coming, the first feature by SharIîf Arafa, who was soon to become one the most important figures in the new Egyptian "neorealism."

PRODUCER: Hany Girgis
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Tarek El-Telmessany
EDITOR: Khaled Merhi
MUSIC: Khaled Shoukri
PRINT SOURCE: ACPD - Al Arabia Cinema Productions and Distribution

Saturday, April 02 2:15pm Crown Theaters Block E
Tuesday, April 05 4:45pm St. Anthony Main Theatre