23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

Adam and Eve (Still) (Contemporary World Cinema)
2004 - Mexico - 100 minutes

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DIRECTOR: Ivan Avila Duenas
CAST: Diana Lein, Junior Paulino, Raul Adalid, Marta Riveros, Marta Aura

Adam and Eve, banished from the Garden of Eden after eating the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, destined to live forever, impatiently watch the world change around them. As they wander the Earth outside the Garden of Eden they park themselves in modern day Mexico City, where their wandering turns to boredom, and starts to overtake them. They begin toying with mortal lives just to pass the time. More than anything, however, they’re looking for a way to die, a way to escape this unspeakable hell called life. Developed as production was underway, the actors had no script to work with, just the understanding of what they came away with the day before. This quirky moral tale of the banality of existence, and also of the difficulty of living in the modern world, makes you almost want to die and go to heaven. Ivan Avila Duenas graduated with a degree in Communication Sciencesfrom Valley of Atemajac University in Guadalajara. His script for The Illuminated Blood was an official selection of the Buenos Aries screenwriting lab as well as being a recipient of hubert Balls Funds from the Rotterdam Film Festival.-AHS

PRODUCER: Ivan Avila Duenas
SCREENWRITER: Ivan Avila Duenas
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Ciro Cabello, Alejandro Cantu
EDITOR: Ivonne Fuentes, Avila Duenas
MUSIC: Rosino Serrano

Friday, April 08 9:30pm Crown Theaters Block E
Saturday, April 09 9:45pm Lagoon Cinema

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