23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

Seawards Journey (Contemporary World Cinema)
2004 - Uruguay - 80 minutes

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DIRECTOR: Guillermo Casanova
CAST: Hugo Arana, Julio Calcagno, Julio César Castro, Diego Delgrossi, Héctor Guido

Situated in the mountains of Uruguay, circa 1963, life moves at slower pace. Bank holidays are cause for celebration (until a funeral procession interrupts the merriment); neighbours who drink too much are taken care of (in this case unceremoniously dumped into the back of a truck and carted away); strangers in town are cause for both mild suspicion and deep curiosity. So, when a stranger (César Troncoso) does indeed show up--and immediately gets off on the wrong foot by occupying one of the locals' seats at the town bar--questions begin to fly. Judged amiable enough, he soon finds himself in cahoots with four of the towns more eccentric inhabitants: Rataplán, Quintana , Vasco and Siete Y Tres Diez (screenwriter Julio César Castro, whose character name literally means "Seven Plus Three Ten). They hatch a plan; under the guidance of Rodríguez, who owns a truck, they will all make their first ever journey to the seaside. Seawards Journey represents Guillermo Casanova's directorial feature debut, -AHS

PRODUCER: Natacha López
SCREENWRITER: Guillermo Casanova, Julio César Castro
EDITOR: Santiago Svirsky
MUSIC: Jaime Roos

Saturday, April 02 12:30pm St. Anthony Main Theatre
Monday, April 04 5pm Riverview Theater

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