23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

House of the Tiger King (Non-fiction Features)
2004 - Sweden - 104

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DIRECTOR: House of the Tiger King
CAST: Tahir Shah, Richard Fowler, Eduardo Huamani, Pancho Oserotaki

House of the Tiger King is a fascinating attempt to blend traditional documentary with hefty helpings of fiction. It seems like a recipe for disaster: An eccentric British adventurer and travel writer who hates jungles, an American veteran who enjoyed Vietnam, and a determined documentary film maker with no budget. The plan? Searching together for Paititi, the Inca's lost city of gold. When director David Flamholc's pitch at Amsterdam's documentary forum fails to secure any money, he sinks his personal savings into achieving Tahir Shah's dream of finding Paititi - despite the prevalence of head shrinkers in the surrounding area. Gung-ho survivalist Richard Fowler has promised to get them in and out alive - swearing he has been flying over the area regularly during his drug-induced dreams. But when Shah abandons the film crew deep in the Peruvian jungle it seems that things have not gone as planned. Fast-paced, exciting, and very funny, House Of The Tiger King is a cinematic treat. David Flamholc was born in 1974 in Stockholm, Sweden. He made his first feature film Summertime (1996) aged 21. He followed up his debut with Nightbus 807 (1997) and Lithivm (1998), winner of the Young Filmmaker's Award at Hollywood Film Festival in 1999. House of the Tiger King is his fourth feature length film. -AHS

More info at www.tigerkingmovie.com

PRODUCER: Leon Flamholc
CINEMATOGRAPHER: David Flamholc, Leon Flamholc, Jose Huaman
EDITOR: Andrew Philip
MUSIC: Joachim Cohen, Kenneth Cosimo
PRINT SOURCE: Swedish Film Institute

Monday, April 11 9:15pm 2
Tuesday, April 12 7:15pm McNally Smith Auditorium
Thursday, April 14 7:30pm 2