23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

The Edukators (Pull Focus: European Union)
2004 - Germany/Austria - 126 min.

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DIRECTOR: Hans Weingartner
CAST: Daniel Bruhl,Julia Jentsch,Stipe Erceg,Burghart Klaussner

Jan and Peter are the “Edukators”. They break into rich villas and rearrange the possessions of the wealthy owners. Furniture is piled up, CD players are put in the fridge and expensive collections of porcelain are dumped into the toilet. Nothing is ever stolen, no one ever gets hurt. As explanation, a note is left behind with the words “y ou are too rich” or “the good years are gone” Signed: The Edukators It’s activist Jan and Peter’s idealist, non-violent way of trying to change the world. Peter’s waitress girlfriend Jule, also joins the group; she has a l00,000 euro debt to settle with a certain macho businessman Hardenberg, stemming from an uninsured car crash, not to mention her miserable wages to begin with. When Hardenberg comes home unexpectedly during an Edukator break-in, their methods begin to resemble a dangerous game with the law and things start to spin out of control. Director Hans Weingartner, 35, a former activist himself who went on to study neurosurgery before being enticed by film, presents with a certain satanic enjoyment questions about values of young idealists finding themselves face to face with the generation in power. The political sparring match story was nominated for a Golden Palm award at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival. Ms Jentsch, who took “best actress” at this year’s Berlin Film Fest (as anti-Nazi resistance heroine Sophie Scholl) is joined by Daniel Bruhl, who himself took national acting honors in Germany last year (Goodbye, Lenin). Hans Weingartner was born in Feldkirch/Austria. After studying Physics, he earned a diploma as a camera assistant from the Austrian Association of Cinematography and went on to study Neurosciences at the University of Vienna and the Neurosurgery Dept. of the Steglitz Clinic in Berlin. In 1997 he began postgraduate studies at the Academy of Media Arts KHM in Cologne. His films include: the shorts Der Dreifachstecker (1994), Split Brain (1997), and Frank (1999), and the features The White Sound (Das Weisse Rauschen, 2000), and The Edukators (Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei (2004). -Al Milgrom

PRODUCER: Antonin Svoboda, Hans Weingartner
SCREENWRITER: Katharina Held,Weingartner
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Matthias Schellenberg,Daniela Knapp
EDITOR: Dirk Oetelshoven, Andreas Wodraschke
MUSIC: Andreas Wodraschke

Sunday, April 03 2:25pm 10
Friday, April 08 9:30pm Crown Theaters Block E

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