23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

McDull, Prince de la Bun (Contemporary World Cinema)
2004 - Hong Kong - 77 minutes

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CAST: Andy Lau, Anthony Wong, Sandra NG, the pancakes

Dubbed by the filmmakers as “100% Hong Kong Animation,” it’s hard to capture this delightful mood piece with any declarative. The closest one would probably incorporate The Triplettes of Belleville, Hayao Miyazaki, T.S. Eliot, and Wong-Kar Wai…and that’s just the first ten minutes. Animated pig McDull’s second outing (his first was ‘01’s My Life as McDull) isn’t a traditional sequel. Creators Alice Mak and Brian Tse must have spotted in this small-eyed, big-snouted creature a kind of universal ambivalence and banality-an everypig, if you will. And that made him the perfect candidate for further adventures. McDull and his mother spend their days collecting odds and ends and desperately trying to cure McDull’s rabid leg shake. For amusement (perhaps? Or is it pathological?) Mrs. McBing spins tales of McDull’s father, McBing...otherwise known as Prince de la Bun. We watch heartbroken as little McBing wanders from his castle, finds solace in a young turtle whose head is largely comprised of a pizza pie, and passes his mundane middle years in a complacent stupor. UNTIL… Through an indelible cast of characters, Yuen, Mak, and Tse have fashioned an unlikely, amusing, and politically provocative picture. After earning a film degree, Toe Yuen edited a comics magazine and designed toys, among other ventures. He made several animated shorts before My Life As McDull. -EC

SCREENWRITER: Brian Tse, Alice Mak
EDITOR: Toe Yuen
MUSIC: Steve Ho
PRINT SOURCE: Golden Asia Network LTD

Saturday, April 02 9:45pm St. Anthony Main Theatre
Monday, April 04 7:30pm Crown Theaters Block E

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