23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

And Thereafter (Non-fiction Features)
2003 - USA/ South Korea - Total Program: 65 minutes

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DIRECTOR: And Thereafter

Korean filmmaker Hosup LEE captures a woman caught between Jersey and Korea in his astonishing portrait of 76-year-old Korean War Bride Young-Ja Wike. Young-Ja boasts the kind of life story often touted as the American Dream-or at least the American Immigrant Dream. During the Korean War, she married a G.I. and traveled to this “land of opportunity,” and then raised three children. But LEE uncovers a different story in his brilliant, almost uncomfortably intimate documentary. “Grandma’s” story is one of loneliness, and domestic servitude. She escaped from the crushing poverty of post-war Korea only to find an “American” life full of ugly secrets and an inability to communicate. One gets the sense that LEE may be the first to empathize with her feelings of rootlessness—and maybe the first person to listen during her 40-odd years in exile. In that connection, we find some small amount of hope. Hosup LEE was born in Korea came stateside to earn a Master’s at NYU. He has directed documentaries on subjects from jazz to extraterrestrial life. And Thereafter is the first in a planned trilogy about Korean women married to American G.I.s. –EC Preceded by the short: A Cat and I South Korea / Dong-hee Ann A young girl cuts paper dolls and briefly escapes the world with a cat in tow.

PRODUCER: Hosup LEE, Hyun-Ock IMMusic Yungho NA
MUSIC: Yung-Ho Na

Saturday, April 02 5:45pm McNally Smith Auditorium
Sunday, April 10 2pm 2
Wednesday, April 20 7:30pm 2