23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

Jimmywork (Contemporary World Cinema)
2004 - Canada - 81

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DIRECTOR: Simon Sauvé
CAST: James G. Weber,Manzur Ahsan Chowdhury, S.K. Moshiqur Rahman, Simon Sauvé, George Weber

On the eve of his 50th anniversary, Jimmy, an indebted man, finds himself at the crossroads of his existence. For him it's now or never-The time has come to escape from mediocrity. Pretending to be a big shot American ad producer, he offers his services to a Northern Quebec rodeo extravaganza. As Jimmy tries to sell his ad campaign to the Rodeo, filmmaker Simon Sauvé documents his whereabouts but a chain of events transforms the film into the making of a crime. Operating from his kitchen, Jimmy plans an elaborate scheme to extort the beer stock from the Rodeo valued at a quarter of a million dollars. The story unfolds mainly in the Mile-End neighborhood of Montreal yet this tale takes us through the entrails of Quebec's Far East on a live action road movie. A cross between film noir, biopic and cinema vérité. Simon Sauvé dropped out of film school to become assistant-editor. He worked several years on many features and docs. Got promoted to editor in 1996, cut dramas, auteur docs and TV Series. Met Jimmy Weber in fall of 1999 and started shooting Jimmywork in January 2000. Jimmywork is Simon Sauvé’s first feature. - AHS

PRODUCER: Simon Sauvé, Pascal Maeder
EDITOR: Simon Sauvé
MUSIC: Claude Fradette
PRINT SOURCE: Atopia Films

Friday, April 15 7:30pm St. Anthony Main Theatre
Saturday, April 16 7:30pm Crown Theaters Block E

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