23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

Kung Fu Hustle (Contemporary World Cinema)
2004 - Hong Kong - 95 minutes

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DIRECTOR: Stephen Chow
CAST: Stephen Chow, Kwok Kuen Chan, Siu Lung Leung, Yuen Qiu

The writer/director/star of action comedies including Shaolin Soccer, The King of Comedy, and God of Cookery is at it again, but this time he’s enlisted a cadre of gang members, kung fu masters, CG tricks, and Chinese peasants. Chow has earned auteur status equal to any filmmaker working today, and his trademarks are all here—good guys turned bad guys turned good again, a handicapped love interest with a heart of gold, and dynamite fight scenes that recall Ballet Russe nearly as much as the Shaw Brothers. The story is set in pre-revolutionary China, and travels between the posh dwellings of the notorious Axe Gang and a slum apartment complex called “Pig Sty Alley.” Two-bit hustler Sing (Chow) dreams of joining the ruthless gang, but his incompetence gets in the way. When the gang meets its match in a group of poor tradesmen, all hell breaks loose and Sing must choose a side. Boasting a veritable who’s who from the history of martial arts movies, Chow’s love letter to Bruce Lee brings the breathtaking art of kung fu to a new generation. Stephen Chow is Asia’s top comedy star and one of the region’s most beloved entertainers. He’s starred in more than 50 films, and helmed seven. The success of Shaolin Soccer (’01) established him as one of the world’s most recognized filmmakers. –EC

PRODUCER: Stephen Chow, Po Chu Chui, Jeffrey Lau
SCREENWRITER: Tsang Kan Cheong, Stephen Chow
EDITOR: Angie Lam
MUSIC: Raymond Wong
PRINT SOURCE: Sony Pictures Classics

Saturday, April 02 7:15pm Riverview Theater

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