23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

JAWHARA (Contemporary World Cinema)
2004 - Morroco - 97 minutes

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DIRECTOR: Saad Chraibi
CAST: Mouna Fettou, Latifa Ahrar, Amina Rachid, Mohamed Bestaoui Mohamed Khouyi, Yassine Ahjam

The inside of prisons of Morroco seen from the vanatge point of a child born to an inmate during her internment, Jawhara follows a young girl who spent her first six years of her life growing up behind bars. With her innocent perspective, Jawhara views the prison and recounts the story of her parents Safia and Said. Havng met as active participants in a political theatre group, Safia winds up in prison when the police come knocking. Said manages to narrowly escape, but remains on the run. Wandering the streets at night ducking into allies he soon discovers the birth of his baby girl Jawhar.,Despite doubts about the legitimacy of his paternity he tries everything to free Safia and Jawhara. This trip recounted twenty years later retraces Jawhara’s own past, but also uncovers the unspoken history a country on the verge of unshackling itself. Born in Fex, Morocco in 1952, Saad Chraibi has been working as a writer, producer, and director since the late 170s. His directorial credits include De la vie d’un village (1979), Paroles et expression (1980), Absence (1982), Chroniques D’une Vie Normale (1990), Soif (2001), and L’affaire Sarah T (2002).-AHS

PRODUCER: Rachid Fekkak
SCREENWRITER: Chraibi, Youssef Fadel
EDITOR: Njoud Jeddad
MUSIC: Younes Megri, Ali and Hassan Souissi
US Premiere

Tuesday, April 12 5pm Lagoon Cinema
Wednesday, April 13 7:30pm Crown Theaters Block E