23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

Memories of Rain (Non-fiction Features)
2003 - Germany/South Africa - 142 minutes

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DIRECTOR: Gisela Albrecht & Angela Mai
CAST: Jenny Cargill, Kevin Qhobosheane

This personal account of a white woman and a black man growing up within militarized South Africa, began in 1994 when South Africa elected their first democratic government. Both were fighters in the intelligence service of the African National Congress (ANC) against the Apartheid government. The film examines the personal lives and motivations of these two members of the underground, and of their struggle to maintain their goals and idealon the dark side of a military conflict. Their lives are spent in camouflage being cut off from normal society. Their self-discipline so rigid that it threatens to destroy spontaneity. In the attitudes and experiences of these two people, and of those around them, a picture emerges of humanity and bravery, of dedication and sacrifice, detailing the central story of the struggle for freedom in South Africa. Gisela Albrecht was born in Stettin (now Szczecin, Poland). After studying literature, philosophy and theology, she lived in Biafra, Nigeria on-and-off from 1967 to 1970 as part of an emergency relief program. Since 1974, she has worked as a reporter specializing in South Africa. Angela Mai was born in East Greenwood, Great Britain, and grew up in South Africa. Angela Mai lived in Kenya as part of a development aid project. On her return to Germany and until 1990, she was involved in the German anti-apartheid movement, which included making regular trips to South Africa. Between 1990 and 1992, she worked in the Johannesburg offices of church leader Beyers Naude.-AHS

PRODUCER: John Burgan, Angela Mai
SCREENWRITER: Gisela Albrecht
EDITOR: René Perraudin
MUSIC: Friedemann Graef
US Premiere
PRINT SOURCE: Angela Mai Film Productions

Saturday, April 09 2:30pm McNally Smith Auditorium
Tuesday, April 12 3pm Lagoon Cinema