23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

Suite Havana (Non-fiction Features)
2003 - Cuba - 84 minutes

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DIRECTOR: Suite Havana
CAST: Francisco Cardet, Amanda Gautier

TSPECIAL ADDED SCREENING! Friday, April 8 at 5:00pm at the Lagoon Cinema

Havana today, is a tourist point for many. A mystery for some and a hotbed of contradictions and resistances for those who love it or criticize it. The film turns the city of cigars into a kinetic photo album, an ode to everyday moments, joys, lulls, and activities of the Cuban people. Suite Havana is a celebration of a city through the eyes of its citizens. Closer in style to a musical suite, the film lacks dialogue yet manages to bring you intimately into the lives of its inner circle. Something akin to the City Symphonies of the early 20’s, Suite Havana traverses the routines of its colorful cintezenry to create one of the most memorable film experiences. Perez was born 1944 in Havana, where he also received a degree in language and Spanish Literature from the University. He began to work later at the ICAIC as an assistant producer, and also worked as an educational writer in several schools and is published for several magazines. His other work includes Clandestine (1987), Madagascar (1994), and the widely awarded Life is to Whistle (M-SPIFF 1999). -AHS

PRODUCER: José María Morales, Camilo Vives
SCREENWRITER: Fernando Pérez
EDITOR: Pedro Oscar Pérez, Julia Yip
MUSIC: Edesio Alejandro, Ernesto Cisneros
PRINT SOURCE: Wanda Vision S.A

Wednesday, April 06 9:15pm 6
Friday, April 08 5:00pm Lagoon Cinema