23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

Magician, The (Contemporary World Cinema)
2004 - Mexico - 98 minutes

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DIRECTOR: Jaime Aparicio
CAST: Julissa, Juan Angel Esparza, Carlos Cardan, Erando Gonzales

This charming account of the final days in the life of former photographer turned magician, is part magical realism, part personal tragedy. Upon learning that he’s dying, Tadeo decides to settle accounts with his past. With his faithful assistant, Felix, by his side, Tadeo searches for forgiveness, solidarity and closure. He feels remorse for the death of his best friend, rekindles his memories as a vaudeville photographer and looks for Raquel, the love of his life. When he thinks his quest has been fulfilled, the magician goes for one last act of magic that will make the last days of his life meaningful. The Magician’s a simple story about friendship and loyalty, is both freshly done and ofcourse magical. Born in Mexico in 1964, Jaime Aparicio studied at the Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematograficos, the film where still today he teaches.He has directed numerous shorts including La laz(1994) Los jurados (1995) and El Paraiso (1997). His script for Te Magician has won numerous awards and also marks his first feature film. -AHS

PRODUCER: Mitl Valdex, Roberto Fiesco
SCREENWRITER: Jaime Aparicio, Enrique Renteria
EDITOR: Jaime Aparicio, Humberto Delgado
MUSIC: Rosino Serrano

Sunday, April 03 3pm Crown Theaters Block E
Monday, April 04 5:15pm 2

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