23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

TWO HARBORS (Emerging Filmmakers Competition)
2005 - USA - 75 min.

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CAST: Catherine E. Johnson, Alex Cole, Ari Hoptman, Richard Ooms, Marshall Hambro

A remarkable performance by Alex Cole anchors this strange and subtle tale of two social misfits in the Northshore town of Two Harbors, Minnesota. Cole stars as Vic, a crumudgeonly used action-toy seller whose hobbies include amatuer S.E.T.I experiments and putting other people down. When he meets Cassie, an exceptinonally shy fellow craft-seller young enough to be his duaghter, he immediately recognizes her as a kindred spirit, and the two start up one the the most indelible odd-couple relationships in the history of cinema. As Vic’s obsessions begin to infect Cassie, the plot takes a series of truly inspired turns, first towards the absurd, and then towards the tragic. Funny, haunting, and nimble, director James Vculek’s film belies its humble roots with gorgeous B&W Digital Video, excellent music by Paul Johnson, and some extraordinary performances by a select handful of the Twin Cities finest actors. -JH James Vculek makes his feature debut with Two Harbors. SInce shooting it in 2004, he has completed another feature, The Quietest Sound, also starring Catherine Johnson. His “yiddish” musical Schtick, and its Relationship to the Unconscious, was a standout at the 2003 Fringe Festival.

PRODUCER: Philip Geller
EDITOR: James Vculek
MUSIC: Paul Samuel Johnson
World Premiere
SPECIAL INFO: Director James Vculek scheduled to attend with stars Alex Cole and Catherine Johnson!
PRINT SOURCE: Partizan Pictures

Thursday, April 14 9:00:00 PM Lagoon Cinema
Thursday, April 21 5:30pm 2