23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

Bride of Seventh Heaven (Contemporary World Cinema)
2004 - Finland - 85

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DIRECTOR: Anastasia Lapsui, Markku Lhmuskallio
CAST: Ljuba Filipova, Jevgeni Hudi, Viktoria Hudi, Gennadi Puikko,Angelina Saraleta

Bride of Seventh Heaven is a folk legend told by an aging grandmother to her blind granddaughter. It takes place on the Finnish tundra and, perhaps because of how foreign the landscape looks to these western eyes, it has a quiet, magical quality. The photography, performances and music are wonderful throughout, perfectly complementing the touching story of an old woman recounting her life to her granddaughter, Ilne. In the Nenet culture, a girl child can be offered to the god Num before or after her birth. Normally, it takes place after her birth, once the gender is known. She may be pledged to the god for three, four or five times seven years, or even for her whole life. It begins at her birth. When the time is up, the woman may take an earthly husband as her lifetime partner. The script is by Anastasia Lapsui and is based on her own experience: As a young girl, she was blind for some years and often visited an old woman who lived alone in the neighbouring tepee. They were friends and the old woman told Anastasia Lapsui about her life betrothed to a god. The film is her story. Markku Lehmuskallio has spent his entire film career portraying the life of Northern peoples. His documentaries and fictional films focus on the indigenous inhabitants of Siberia, Greenland, Northern Canada and Scandinavia. Anastasia Lapsui was his guide, and has become his steady partner in filmmaking. -AHS

PRODUCER: Kristiina Pervila
SCREENWRITER: Anastasia Lapsui
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Johannes Lemuskallio
EDITOR: Juho Gartz
MUSIC: Leena Joutsenlahti, Anna-Kaisa Liedes
PRINT SOURCE: The Finnish Film Foundation

Sunday, April 03 3pm Crown Theaters Block E
Wednesday, April 06 5pm St. Anthony Main Theatre

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