23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

Upswing (Contemporary World Cinema)
2003 - Finland - 95 Minutes

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DIRECTOR: Johanna Vuoksenmaa
CAST: Petteri Summanen, Tiina Lymi, Kari-Pekka Toivonen

Katri and Janne are young, beautiful and wealthy. These well-educated thirty-somethings live in a prestigious neighborhood and socialize with their peers. They continually try to keep up with the Joneses. Struggling to establish that they’re one notch hipper than their friends, they seek for ultimate high concept experiences. Katri and Janne have not done anything together in a long time. At the party of his new employer, Janne meets travel agent whose company offers a totally new approach to exploring the world. IH Tours arranges extreme tours to other realities at home: homeless in Espoo, three-shift worker in Vantaa, or unemployed in Jakomäki. Eager to show that they have what it takes, Janne and Katri undergo a ritual role change into an unemployed young couple in Jakomäki (suburban block of flats in Helsinki). How do these prosperous high-fliers cope with a daily reality in which you don\'t always know where your next meal will come from? What is left of a human being when everything material is taken away? Katri and Janne embark on an adventure none of their friends have ever experienced. -EC Johanna Vuoksenmaa studied photography in Lahti Institute of Design and later directing at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. She has directed a number of television features, along with the film True Love Waits (’00.) This is her second feature. -AHS

PRODUCER: Lasse Saarinen
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Peter Flinkenberg
EDITOR: Kimmo Kohtamaki
MUSIC: Kerkko Koskinen
PRINT SOURCE: The Finnish Film Foundation

Wednesday, April 06 9:45pm Crown Theaters Block E
Thursday, April 07 5pm Riverview Theater

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