23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

VATERLAND - A HUNTING LOGBOOK (Contemporary World Cinema)
2004 - Czech - 94 min.

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DIRECTOR: David Jarab
CAST: Frantisek Rehak,Karel Roden, Petr Forman, Dana Polakova,Matej Forman

Set in and around a ramshackle old manor in an unspecified country, sometime around the former communist era, Vaterland follows the two Czadsky brothers, their wives, and two of their cousins, Max and Leo, as they return to try to find out whatever became of their family heritage. The guests are welcomed by an old caretaker who used to work for their father and who cooks up a banquet as in good old aristocratic times, while the party prepares for the hunt. It must be conducted, however, according to strict guidelines way out of the ordinary, with weird hunting instruments and strange prey. With its elements of fantasy, horror, and manic characters, this is a surrealistic thriller with detective story flavor, not unlike something Luis Bunuel or Çzech surrealist Jan Svankmajer could dream up. Prague Komedie theater director David Jarab,35, in his feature film outing caught the attention of Czech film critics who praised the film and its imaginary universe above all for its originality set in a universe with a history and rules all its own. (Milos Forman’s sons,Petr and Matej, Prague theater actors,play major roles in the film). -Al Milgrom

PRODUCER: Viktor Schwarcz, Vit Komrzy, Zdenek Skaunic, Jan Otcenasek, Jaroslav Kucera
EDITOR: Jan Daniel
MUSIC: Petr Haas,Jan Ponocny
PRINT SOURCE: Filmexport Prague

Friday, April 15 5:15pm Crown Theaters Block E
Saturday, April 16 3:15pm Crown Theaters Block E

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