23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

A Real Man (Contemporary World Cinema)
2004 - France - 120 minutes

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DIRECTOR: Arnaud Larrieu, Jean-Marie Larrieu
CAST: Mathieu Amalric, Hélène Fillières, Pierre Pellet, Philippe Suner, Daniel Cohen

Fresh as a cool breeze on a muggy day, A Real Man reinvents screwball for the new century and gives a new generation of movie-goers a reason to check out a French comedy.The film starts out promising a musical satire on corporate culture, then takes the first of several tantalising changes of direction, as it covers the star-crossed romantic travails of Boris and Maryline. He’s an aspiring film-maker shooting an over-ambitious video for the company where she works; it’s love at first sight, but we barely catch our breath before their romance takes them on an unlikely journey that ends up in the Pyrenées, amid a dizzy fantasia of tourism, mountaineering and birdwatching. In a film of often stunning visual elegance, the Larrieu brothers combine mischievous comic intelligence with a daredevil attitude to plot and character, putting their lead duo through some very unexpected metamorphoses. The charismatic leads are Mathieu Amalric – who does the harassed urban intello better than any actor in France – and the up-and-coming Hélène Fillières, a quirkily intelligent new comic talent. Playful, entertaining and very inventive, Un homme, un vrai is one of the discoveries of the year. Arnaud and Jean-Marie Larrieu during their youth shot several super 8 films with the firm intention to make career in the 7th art.They began making films together professionally in the 80's. - AHS

PRODUCER: Philippe Martin, Géraldine Michelot
SCREENWRITER: Arnaud Larrieu, Jean-Marie Larrieu
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Christophe Beaucarne
EDITOR: Annette Dutertre
MUSIC: Philippe Katerine
PRINT SOURCE: French Embassy

Sunday, April 10 4:30pm Crown Theaters Block E
Tuesday, April 12 5:15pm 10
Wednesday, April 13 5pm Crown Theaters Block E

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