23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

Tarfaya (Contemporary World Cinema)
2004 - Morocco - 97 min

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DIRECTOR: Daoud Aoulad Syad
CAST: Touria Alaoui, Mohamed Bastaoui, Mohamed Majd, Mohamed Harraga, Naima Iliasse, Mohamed Khouyi, Aicha Mahmah

Tarfaya is a weird stop on the route going to, or coming from, Laayoune, the capital of the Southern part of Morrocco. It is found in the middle of waves coming from two sides. It's right on the sea, but it is under constant threat of being eaten up by sand dunes, which becomes a metaphor for the troubled Miriam, a 28-year-old desperately hoping to cross from Morrocco to the Canary Islands. 'So close you forget the sea, until you're lying on the bottom.' Miriam is one of the many fortune-hunters who arrive only with a suitcase. She is looking for the people-smuggler Riki, but is robbed by Hassan, the first man she meets. Being the new woman in town, she also sparks the interest of her former theif and the local police shief, who both show their willingness to go to the extremes in order to help Miriam get to her destination. Literaly feeling like the end of the world Tarfaya shows a land as a place with its own rules and laws. Getting stuck in Tarfaya, Miriam must face up to double-dealing, mafias and loneliness but also has the chance to discover the more positive side of people in her struggle for freedom. Born in Marrakech in 1953, he studied Physics in France before participating in the Film Workshop at the FEMIS in Paris. Having launched a prestigious career as a photographer, in 1989 he made his first shorts, followed by others in documentary format. He debuted as a feature director with Adieu, forain (Farewell, Travelling Player, 1998), winner of awards at the Casablanca and Montpellier Festivals. His second feature, Le cheval de vent screenes in M-SPIFF in 2002.-AHS

PRODUCER: Francine Jean-Baptiste
EDITOR: Andrée Davanture, Rodolphe Molla, Anne Reydellet
MUSIC: Mohamed Guerrab

Saturday, April 02 5pm Crown Theaters Block E
Sunday, April 03 7pm 2

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