23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

RAINING CATS AND FROGS (Childish Film Festival)
2003 - France - 98

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DIRECTOR: Jacques-Rémy Girerd
CAST: Romain Bouteille, Michel Galabru, Annie Girardot, Michel Piccoli, Luis Rego

Recommended for Age 5+ Lili’s parents have gone to Africa, while she spends the summer with her friend Tom at his grandparents’ animal park in the south of France. Soon, they are warned by the frogs of an impending flood. Grandpa, an inventive former sea captain, builds an Ark so the children and the animals may all weather the storm. Once aboard, tensions start, and those lower down on the food chain grow nervous. Lili and Tom must keep the peace amidst nonstop comically anthropomorphic situations. This truly wild tale is widely loved for its beautifully drawn animation, and celebrated as the first completely French produced animated feature in nearly three decades. JACQUES-RÉMI GIRERD (b. 1952) founded Folimage Studio in 1984. From 1978 to 1989, he directed several short films in plasticine and became one of the most respected French specialists in animation. Since 1988 he has mostly directed films and TV series for young audiences. RAINING CATS AND FROGS is his first feature length film. Preceded by the short: THE PIPSQUEAK PRINCE France / Zoia Trofimova A small prince discovers a spot on the sun and spends all day trying to fix it.

PRODUCER: Patrick Eveno, Jacques-Rémy Girerd
SCREENWRITER: Jacques-Rémy Girerd, Antoine Lanciaux, Iouri Tcherenkov
EDITOR: Hervé Guichard
MUSIC: Serge Besset
SPECIAL INFO: Winner, Adult Jury Prize for Best Animated Feature Film, 2004 Chicago International Children’s Film Festival.
PRINT SOURCE: Studio Canal

Saturday, April 02 10:45 AM Riverview Theater