23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

STAY UNTIL TOMORROW (Emerging Filmmakers Competition)
2004 - USA - 92 Minutes

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CAST: Eleanor Hutchins, Barney Cheng, Alison Folland, Reena Shah, Patrick Clarke

A wildly inventive and unabashedly sweet comedy about looking for love in a looking-glass world, Stay Until Tomorrow oozes with an irrepressible love for life, cinema, and the overlap between the two. Eleanor Hutchins stars as Nina, a wanderer and world traveler who finds herself awkwardly at home after many years abroad. Dropping in on her old friend, Jim (Barney Cheng), she invites herself to crash on his couch for a few days—days which inevitably become weeks. Nina’s natural magnetism for all manner of boy trouble begins to slowly invade Jim’s placid existence, even as the two of them dance around an obvious attraction. And yet, a simple plot description hardly does justice to this singularly engaging film. One of director Colella’s more bold choices is to have Jim exists simultaneously inside and outside of the film’s narrative—to hilarious effect. Gorgeously shot and subtly acted, this playful and bold first feature builds with a slow charm that ultimately pays off big in a chaotic finale that drips with a passion for the limitless possibilities of cinema itself. -JH A past Directing Fellow at the Sundance Institute, Providence, RI based Laura Colella first emerged on the scene with the 1998 feature Tax Day, which aired on PBS in 2001. She has taught film production at the Rhode Island School of Design, and Boston’s Museum School.

PRODUCER: Amy Gellar, Laura Colella
EDITOR: Laura Colella
MUSIC: Alec Redfearn
SPECIAL INFO: Director Laura Colella scheduled to appear!

Monday, April 11 9:30pm Crown Theaters Block E
Wednesday, April 13 7:30pm Lagoon Cinema
Wednesday, April 20 9:00pm St. Anthony Main Theatre