23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

SCARED SACRED (Emerging Filmmakers Competition)
2004 - Canada - 104 Minutes

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DIRECTOR: Velcrow Ripper

Visiting the ‘Ground Zeros’ of the planet, filmmaker asks if it’s possible to find hope in the darkest moments of human history. Ripper travels to the minefields of Cambodia; war-torn Afghanistan; the toxic wasteland of Bhopal; post-9/11 New York; Bosnia; Hiroshima; Israel and Palestine. This unflinching documentary captures his five-year odyssey to discover if humanity can transform the 'scared' into the 'sacred'. Confronting horror and heartbreak around the world, Ripper meets those who have suffered first-hand. And in each place, he unearths unforgettable stories of survival, ritual, resilience and recovery. “Scared Sacred' brings together powerful stories, deftly weaving haunting and luminous footage with words, memories, and an evocative soundscape. Featuring an engaging, first-person narrative, this film is an exquisite portrait of a search for meaning in times of turmoil. -AHS Canadian documentarian Velcrow Ripper’s past credits include being sound operator on last year’s M-SPIFF hit, The Corporation. He has directed numerous short documentaries, and two previous feature docs, including the Genie-winning 1996 film Bones of the Forest. -AHS

PRODUCER: Cari Green, Harry Sutherland, Tracy Friesen
EDITOR: Manfred Becker, Velcrow Ripper
SPECIAL INFO: Special Jury Prize, 2004 Toronto Film Festival Best Documentary, 2004 Whistler Film Festival
PRINT SOURCE: National Film Board of Canada

Saturday, April 16 2:45pm 2

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