23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

THE FEARLESS FREAKS (Emerging Filmmakers Competition)
2005 - USA - 99 Minutes

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DIRECTOR: Bradley Beesley
CAST: The Flaming Lips: Wayne Coyne, Steven Drozd, Michael Ivins

“We were just misunderstood Okies with an enthusiasm for recording,” comments Flaming Lips singer, Wayne Coyne regarding the band’s “accidental” career. Through the years of sound experiments, animal suits, simulated head wounds, and unparalleled live shows The Flaming Lips have continued to push the boundaries of music. The Fearless Freaks documents the band in every aspect of life since its inception over 20 years ago. Director Bradley Beesley, a longtime friend of The Lips, was given complete access to the band, making for some truly gripping footage. Not only do we join Wayne for a tour of his hometown and see home movies of the band’s first performances, but we’re also introduced their darker side. In a brutally honest scene we observe The Lips’ Steven Drozd actually shooting up heroin as he describes in detail his years long drug addiction. Not since the horrific Altamont killings captured in Gimme Shelter has a music documentary found a more engaging subject to appear in front of its lens. Armed with an all-access pass, The Fearless Freaks manages to humanize these otherworldly rock stars. -BW Bradley Beesley’s feature documentaries include Hill Stomp Holler and Okie Noodling, which won the 2001 SXSW Audience Award for Best Documentary. He is currently working as the director of photography on The Flaming Lips first feature film Christmas on Mars and is developing a reality television show with A&E.

PRODUCER: Rick Fuller
EDITOR: JoLynn Garnes
MUSIC: The Flaming Lips
SPECIAL INFO: Director Bradley Beesley scheduled to attend.
PRINT SOURCE: Harder/Fuller Films

Friday, April 15 9:30pm 2
Saturday, April 16 7:15pm 2