23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

SEVEN TIMES LUCKY (Emerging Filmmakers Competition)
2004 - Canada - 82 Minutes

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DIRECTOR: Gary Yates
CAST: Kevin Pollack, Liane Balaban, Jonas Chernick, James Tolkan

A taut yet lighthearted thriller about small-time grifters with big-time dreams, Seven Times Lucky stars the great—if underrated—Kevin Pollack as Harlan, an aging con-man who is losing his touch. When he loses $10,000 on a bad horse tip, Harlan must recover the money by any means neccessary. In this case, those means include the youthful Fiona, an acolyte, a bombshell, and a double crosser to boot. The film winds itself tighter and tighter as schemes go sour and the barnacles of the city’s nightlife begin to affix themselves ever more firmly to Harlan. As the unavoidable class stucture of the underworld begins to close in, even Harlan’s mother gives him the cold sholder, forcing him into one last grift to settle all debts. Brilliant character work throughout, including a star-turn by Jonas Chernick as Sonny, in a role deeply indebted to DeNiro’s indelible “Johnny Boy” from Mean Streets. Director Yates keeps the action light and nimble, and Winnipeg—the Minneapolis of Canada—fairly shines as a nameless and cold city, where every price has it’s taker. -JH Gary Yates makes his feature debut witih Seven Times Lucky. A veteran of Canadian TV, his past credits include appearin on an episode of Seinfeld.

PRODUCER: Elizabeth Jarvis
EDITOR: Robert Lower
MUSIC: Glenn Buhr, Margaret Sweatman
SPECIAL INFO: Director Gary Yates sheduled to attend!
PRINT SOURCE: Buffalo Gal Pictures

Tuesday, April 05 7:30pm Crown Theaters Block E
Thursday, April 14 7pm Lagoon Cinema