23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

PLAGUES AND PLEASURES On THE SALTON SEA (Emerging Filmmakers Competition)
2004 - USA - 86 Minutes

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DIRECTOR: Chris Metzler and Jeff Springer

Once a vision of paradise, the Salton Sea now lies as one of the country’s worst ecological disasters. Hyped by developers in the 1950s as California’s “Riviera,” this man-made lake appeared as though it would the boomtown of the 20th century. In this charming and strange documentary, first time directors Chris Metzler and Jeff Springer detail the meteoric rise and ensuing destruction of this eclectic landmark. Through beautifully photographic means the sea begins to take on a life of its own. Once filled with weekend boaters and swimming children it now plays host to mounds of dead fish and a wretched smell that carries for miles. The most unique part of the film can be seen in the current residents of the area. The few hangers on that still have hope for the sea’s future. A naked man who waves to passing RVs, a beer-loving Hungarian “revolutionist,” and other eccentricities dot this surreal landscape. This truly original film delivers a bittersweet cross-section of America in the struggle to save this icon of expansion. -BW After graduating from USC with a degree in business and cinema, Chris Metzler moved to a career in producing and directing. His direction of music videos with Jeff Springer garnered the pair a Billboard Magazine Music Video Award. Chris now finds himself pursing docs featuring gay truck drivers and Australian opal miners. Born in a desert town of California and raised in Hawaii, director Jeff Springer returned to his native state to attend USC Film School. He worked on his first feature, Plagues and Pleasures of the Salton Sea, over four years in San Francisco. He now resides somewhere between the bay area and Berlin.

PRODUCER: Chris Metzler
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Chris Metzler and Jeff Springer
EDITOR: Jeff Springer
MUSIC: Friends of Dean Martinez
SPECIAL INFO: Director Chris Metzler Scheduled to attend!
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