23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

OmAGh (Contemporary World Cinema)
2004 - Ireland - 106

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DIRECTOR: Pete Travis
CAST: Gerard McSorley, Michelle Forbes, Brenda Fricker

They called themselves the Real IRA. Selecting their target carefully, they chose Omagh, a small market town where Catholics and Protestants had co-existed remarkablypeacefully throughout the 30 years of troubles. The bomb claimed 31 lives, devastating a small town and leaving a lasting legacy. Omagh examines the events and aftermath of this tragic day, focusing on the struggle for justice by the Omagh Self Help and Support Group (comprising the families of the victims) as they strive to find the truth Throughout the last five years, they have been pursuing a patient, determined and indomitable campaign to bring those responsible for the bomb to justice and to hold to account politicians and police on both sides of the border, who promised so much in the immediate aftermath of the atrocity, but who delivered too little.Their ongoing campaign drives the film, and is the source of its legitimacy. An unflinching and empathetic portrait of grieving families left behind in the wake of tragedy, Travis’s filmi is unparalled in terms of its clear-eyed, humanistic view of a national tragedy. -AM Pete Travis made the short film Faith (’88) before creating several highly accalimed works for television, incluing Other People’s Children (’02), The Jury (’02). amd Henry VIII (’03).

PRODUCER: Ed Guiney, Paul Greengrass.
SCREENWRITER: Guy Hibbert, Paul Greengrass
EDITOR: Clive Barrett
PRINT SOURCE: Portman Film

Sunday, April 03 9:15pm 1
Tuesday, April 05 5pm Riverview Theater
Thursday, April 07 4:30pm St. Anthony Main Theatre

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