23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

Mutual Appreciation (Emerging Filmmakers Competition)
2005 - USA
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DIRECTOR: Andrew Bujalski
CAST: Justin Rice Rachel Clift Andrew Bujalski Seung-Min Lee Kevin Micka Bill Morrison

Alan, a musician whose band has just broken up, moves to New York hoping to put together a new version of the group. He searches for a drummer for a show he’s already lined up and otherwise goes about the mechanics of self-promotion. In down time he drinks and strategizes with his old friend Lawrence, a grad student, and Lawrence’s girlfriend Ellie, a journalist. Alan endeavors to keep his shoulder to the wheel and fends off distractions of both romantic and decidedly unromantic natures, while Ellie meanwhile grows anxious and finds herself compelled by Alan. Bujalski’s loose-limbed approach serves the material perfectly, as the actors feel their way through this film which has the freshness and spontaneity of life itself. With nods to Cassavettes and Leigh, Mutual Appreciation is that rare American independent film which is not afraid to let its characters and story simply be. Boston filmmaker Andrew Bujalski’s previous film, Funny HaHa, won numerous awards as it made its way on the festival circuit, ultimately netting the young director an IFP “Someone to Watch” award. Andrew was also one of 2004’s 25 New Faces selectees for Filmmaker magazine.

PRODUCER: Ethan Vogt, Morgan Faust, Dia Sokol
SCREENWRITER: Andrew Bujalski
EDITOR: Andrew Bujalski
MUSIC: Justin Rice & Kevin Micka, Bishop Allen, Omzo, Matty & Mossy, The Common Cold, Brandon Patton
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PRINT SOURCE: Andrew Bujalski

Tuesday, April 12 9:30pm Crown Theaters Block E
Wednesday, April 13 3pm Lagoon Cinema