23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

Armwrestler from Solitude (Non-fiction Features)
2004 - Sweden, Norway - 78 minutes

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DIRECTOR: Lisa Munthe,Helen Ahlsson

High up in Swedish Lapland, in a village called Solitude (Ensamheten), remote enough even exotic by Swedish standards, Heidi Andersson would rather armwrestle than skiing. In fact, the 23-year-old with the bulging biceps in a family of mustachioed lumberjacks is not only the strongest person in the village, she’s the strongest woman armwrestler in the world. The Russians 500 miles to the east are her main competition. The people of Solitude (pop.16) all share a passion for armwrestling, which is why she started to challenge her father at the tender age of ll. The how and why of the film begins with two budding directors from Stockholm Dramatic Institiute who found themselves at a local dance while at a nearby film festival , when they caught sight of charismatic Heidi speaking her eloquent body language. What was planned as a l5-minute film over the summer turned into three years and a prizewinning feature documentary about a world of tough guys and tough women hard to imagine elsewhere. It’s also a portrait of the unique sense of community that exists there, its forests, the cooperative trying to keep the land from falling into the hands of big business , and its unstinting support for the young woman that makes Solitude such a busy place these days as she trains for the next world championships in South Africa. 78 min. Lisa Munthe was born in 1974. She studied directing at Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm and has made a number of short films including The Runaway(2001). Helen Ahlsson was born in 1972. Educated at Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm, she has produced several shors including the award winning Falmingo (2003). –Al Milgrom

PRODUCER: Helen Ahlsson
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Helen Cedarstam,Simon Pramsten, Ahlsson
EDITOR: AndersTeigen
MUSIC: Joakim Haggstrom
SPECIAL INFO: Swedish Film Awards: Best Documentary
PRINT SOURCE: Swedish Film Institute

Saturday, April 02 2:45pm Crown Theaters Block E
Friday, April 08 5:45pm St. Anthony Main Theatre

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