23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

Dalecarlians (Contemporary World Cinema)
2004 - Sweden - 98 min.

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DIRECTOR: Maria Blom
CAST: Sofia Helin, Kajsa Ernst, Ann Petren, Lars Aronsson

This seems to be a year in which Nordic filmmakers are fixed on the provinces. The title of theater director Maria Blom’s debut feature refers to an area north of Stockholm that suggests countryside, that part of society seemingly resistant to changes that have swept through the rest of the nation. Urban, 30-something Mia (rising star Sofia Helin) reluctantly returns to her home village in Dalecarlia for her father’s 70th birthday, While she has forgotten many persons from the old place, they still seem to remember exactly who she is, though her parents don’t seem to know much about her hard-working Stockholm life as an “information technologist”. And her older sisters have been entirely consumed by their own village family life. On her round of the old streets and footpaths, she meets old acquaintances as well as conflicts and ingrained tensions that rise again to the surface. The mocking and cheeky humor at well-meaning locals underlines the ways people can change when they leave their place of birth to find new roots and how family members can be so used to each other they don’t really see each other any more. In her impressive constellation of characters, with unexpected depths and surprises, Ms Blom,35, in her first try at filmmaking presents a subtle portrait of a family and a community. “Dalecarlians are so full of themselves,” she comments , “they buy a summerhouse half an hour away so they don’t have to leave their province.” (By the way, Blom herself has now also moved to Dalecarlia).

PRODUCER: Lars Jonsson
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Peter Mokrosinski
EDITOR: Pertra Ahlin,Michal Lesczylowski
MUSIC: Anders Nygards
PRINT SOURCE: Swedish Film Institute

Tuesday, April 12 5:30pm Crown Theaters Block E
Wednesday, April 13 9:30pm Crown Theaters Block E

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