23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

Swenkas (Non-fiction Features)
2003 - S. Africa/Denmark
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DIRECTOR: Jeppe Rønde

The Swenkas are a group of Zulu men in South Africa who participate in a beauty contest every Saturday night. Men who take great pride in putting on a flashy suit and stand out as an inspiration for others, leaving their grimy overalls behind and wear their best Carducci or Pierre Cardin suits to impress the weekly selected judge with sultry steps and graceful arm gestures. The winner ocassionaly takes home a cow. they are a close-knit set of men that consider respect, tidiness and virtue of paramount importance. Their story is told by an elderly Zulu man, a vagabond, who comments on the events by incorporating them into his exciting story. Halfway through the film, this narrator meets the Swenkas in the flesh and we discover that fact meets fiction. THE SWENKAS are the film’s direct entry to the darkest down-town of contemporary Johannesburg, one of the most violent cities on earth.Yet the Swenkas story is actually one of hope. Even though the they openly are long for the days of Apartheid, they haven’t given up their desire for a better future. Born 1973: Holds a BA degree in Film Science and Art History from The University of Copenhagen. Has directed the documentaries "Dancing in The Midst of War", "Children of Grief" and "Søn" / "Son" (2001); all co-produced or bought by Danmarks Radio/the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. Had his feature-lenght debut in 2003 with "Jerusalem, My Love" / "Jerusalem, min elskede", which has won several prizes, among others the Audience Award at Nordisk Panorama 2004 and The Talent Dove at the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film. - AHS

PRODUCER: Rasmus Thorsen, Anne Diemer
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Lars Skree, Sebastian Vinterø, Nic Hofmeyer
EDITOR: Olivier Bugge Coutté
PRINT SOURCE: Seventh Art Releasing

Sunday, April 03 7:30pm McNally Smith Auditorium
Tuesday, April 05 5:30pm 12
Thursday, April 07 9:15pm McNally Smith Auditorium