23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

Clean (Contemporary World Cinema)
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CAST: Maggie Cheung, Mary Moulds, Nick Nolte, Beatrice Dalle

Olivier Assayas returns to the deft, naturalistic styles of his early work with this story of a mother trying to put her life back together. When her husband ODs in a seedy motel, Emily seeks to reunite with her son, but her in-laws have custody. Her father-in-law is adamant that she exorcise the demons of her addictions. The actors embody their roles with an unflinching honesty rarely seen on screen. The soul of the film comes from veteran Nolte (in perhaps his most tender performance) and powerhouse Cheung, who won Best Actress at Cannes. One of the key figures in the new generation of French filmmakers, Olivier Assayas has long devoted his many talents to the realm of film. A former critic for Cahiers du Cinema and a dedicated cinephile, Assayas has championed filmmakers including Bresson, Bergman, and Tarkovsky in addition to being one of Hong Kong cinema’s strongest advocates. Early in his career, he co-wrote Rendez-Vous and Le Lieu du Crime two of André Téchiné’s films, and directed several shorts before Desordre (’89). He made a name amongst English-speaking audiences in with his Irma Vep (’96), also starring Maggie Cheung. His filmmography also includes Demonlover (’02). Les Destinées (‘00), Late August, Early September (‘98), HHH: A Portrait of Hou Hsiao-Hsien (‘97), Cold Water (’94), A New Life (‘93), and Lovely Child (’90), among others.-EC

PRODUCER: Niv Fichman, Xavier Gianolli, Xavier Marchand, Sarah Perry, Eduouard Weil
SCREENWRITER: Olivier Assayas, Malachy Martin, Sara Perry
EDITOR: Luc Barnier
MUSIC: Brian Eno, David Roback, Tricky
SPECIAL INFO: NOTE: Director Assayas has had to CANCEL his appearance!!!
PRINT SOURCE: Palm Pictures

Monday, April 11 7:30pm St. Anthony Main Theatre

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