23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

Pan Asian Shorts Showcase (Shorts Programs)
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DIRECTOR: various

The shorts featured here comprise experiences from around the world – they capture everything from what it means to be an Asian-American to the intersection between the Asian and female identities to what it feels like to be bed-ridden. The films represent multiple countries, but South Korea is particularly represented, as it has emerged as a hotbed of independent filmmaking.

American Seoul (9 min) USA
Based on an award-winning feature-length script, this gives us
a biting and humorous look into the lives of four young Asian
American women living in LA.

In the Bed (19 min) South Korea
A woman who takes care of a patient in a vegetative state goes
about her daily chores.

The Girl with Red Shoes (16 min, 30 sec) South Korea
A truck driver meets an enigmatic girl with dazzling crimson shoes.

A Marriage Song (18 min) South Korea
A woman prepares breakfast. The radio murmurs, and the
morning sun shines through a small window. Someone holds her
from the back while she is cleaning the dishes, his touch feels
warm and tender. She can feel her former lover’s breath.

Doki-Doki (33 min) Japan/USA
In suburban Tokyo, commuters find themselves waiting every
day with the same group of strangers…until one day, when
things change.

Perfection (6 min 24 sec) USA
An Asian American woman feels the pressure to succeed, and
strangely identifies with Milton-Bradley.

Who Killed Myself (4 min) South Korea
Various images of Japanese playing cards show the vague
relationship between human and nature.

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Sunday, April 10 9:20pm McNally Smith Auditorium
Wednesday, April 13 7:15pm McNally Smith Auditorium