23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

Cats and dogs, living together (Childish Film Festival)
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Recommended for Age 3+ (International Animated Shorts) Sometimes there’s a fine line between harmony and mayhem. A fun collection of animated shorts demonstrates little creatures working it out: CREATURE COMFORTS: CATS OR DOGS? UK / Richard Goleszowski An Aardman (CHICKEN RUN, WALLACE AND GROMIT) short tackling the age-old debate between cats and dogs. THE DOG WHO WAS A CAT INSIDE UK / Siri Melchior A dog struggles with his "inner cat" on the streets of Paris, until he meets someone he can relate to. ON THE MOON USA / Robert Charde A dog croons to his sweetheart, playing his banjo high in the stars. THE CAT WHO TAUGHT THE SEAGULL HOW TO FLY Portugal / Santa Clara School Collective A cat promises to watch a seagull's egg and teach the baby seagull to fly. WINTER DREAM Croatia / SAF Cakovec Students A hibernating bear is driven to distraction by a crazy pig. WHY THE KANGAROO JUMPS ON TWO LEGS Brazil / Andre Lieban and Andre Breitman An Australian aboriginal story about Bora the kangaroo. CIRCUIT MARINE France/Canada / Isabelle Favez A pirate’s pets all want to eat each other. What to do? FIREFLY Latvia / Dace Riduze Otis, a young firefly, is in trouble. He wants a girlfriend and he can’t get his light to shine as brightly as the others. CARROT! Estonia / Partel Tall A rabbit tries all winter to nab an innocent snowman’s carrot (his nose!). CATS Latvia / Dace Riduze Claymated cats drive an old man bezerk.

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Saturday, April 02 2:45pm Riverview Theater
Tuesday, April 05 3pm Riverview Theater
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