23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

A Tout de Suite (Mid-Fest Gala)
2005 - France - 95min

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DIRECTOR: Benoît Jacquot
CAST: Isild Le Besco, Ouassini Embarek, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Laurence Cordier, Fotini Kodoukaki

Heroine Lili hangs up the phone after hearing her lover say “We’re coming right now”, she knows in her heart of hearts what she hadn’t faced up to before: that this man she loves, this “prince” from nowhere, is a hoodlum. He has just robbed a bank and a man got killed. It’s the mid-1970s. Lili is nineteen years old. Right now, as if in a waking dream, she falls headlong from the tight, narrow space of her father’s uptown apartment, where she provides refuge for her lover, into a weaving world of escape — Spain, Morocco, Greece — and from being an almost well-behaved girl into the life she’s always wanted. A concentrated, carefully understated look at teenage confusion that represents a kind of peak in artistic self-assurance for Jacquot, this homage to the Nouvelle Vague—shot in glorious black and white—has an emotionally-detached feeling to it. Jacquot once again proves himself the master of staging the subtleties of the human heart. One of the most highly regarded of contemporary French directors, Benoît Jacquot has been making films since the early seventies. His first feature was The Musician Killer (1975). Other features include The Disenchanted (1990), A Single Girl (1995), Seventh Heaven (1997), and The School Of Flesh (1998). NOTE: Screens as part of our Director’s Spotlight Series. See page XX TK XX for more information

PRODUCER: Georges Benayoun, Natan Productions, Raoul Saada,
SCREENWRITER: Benoît Jacquot
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Caroline Champetier
EDITOR: Luc Barnier
SPECIAL INFO: Director Benoit Jacquot Scheduled to attend.
PRINT SOURCE: Cinema Guild

Thursday, April 07 7:30pm Riverview Theater

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