23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

Minnesota Mavericks (Contemporary World Cinema)
2005 - USA - 110

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DIRECTOR: Minnesota Mavericks

The Wild Condition
Director: Rolf Belgum
Cast: Merrilyn Belgum, Christopher Wells, Jacques
The Wild Condition interweaves the story of untamed eighty-one year old woman with the domestication of a wolf. Her son and his dog stand at the center of this story which is propelled by the forces of nature however small and unexpected they maybe. The Wild Condition seamlessly melds fiction, nature and documentary film elements into an uncanny mixture of hallucination and familiarity to create an almost Cassevetes like atmosphere. Born 1965 Minneapolis- Rolf Belgum’s work has been featured in 2000 Whitney Biennial (cinematic arts) the Sundance Channel and numerous film festivals. His prvious films Driver 23 and The Atlas Moth have screened in M-SPIFF. His work has been reviewed in the New York Times, Village Voice, Bomb Magazine, and Art In America. The Wild Condition is his third feature.

Uso Justo Director: Coleman Miller When an experimental filmmaker decides to shoot a film in the fictional town of Uso Justo the residents unknowingly become tools to his whimsy. Miller’s first narrative creation is like nothing you have seen before. Uso Justo (roughly translated: “Fair Use”) is a complete restructuring of an obscure 1959 Mexican film. As the experimental filmmaker pulls the strings on the residents of this fictional town, the technique proves to be existential and hilarious, intelligent and stupid. All the while, the citizens try to keep up with the filmmaker’s absurd sensibilities and crazy antics. Their actions all end in vain with hilarious consequences. Coleman Miller (Creator/Writer/Director/Producer/Editor) has been making films for over 20 years. While working in a film lab in San Francisco he discovered many new printing techniques which he continues to build on today. He received his bachelor’s degree in film production from Southern Illinois University in 1983. His commercial work includes MTV, Lollapalooza and the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival. He was a recipient of a Jerome Media Grant in 2001 and a Film Arts Foundation grant in 1990.

World Premiere
PRINT SOURCE: Minnesota Film Arts

Wednesday, April 13 7:15pm 2