23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

Crash Test Dummies (Pull Focus: European Union)
2005 - Austria/Romania - 93 minutes

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CAST: Maria Popistasu, Bogdan Dumitrache, Simon Schwarz, Kathrin Resetarits, Viviane Bartsch

A light and gentle comedy about Europe’s polyglot personality, Crash Test Dummies follows the lives to two “new” Europeans as they travel to “Old” Europe. On the eve of Romania’s induction into the European Union, Ana and Nicholae travel from Bucharest to Vienna in the hopes of making a fast buck transporting a stolen car. On arrival, however, they are informed that their car is not yet ready. Strangers in a strange land, Ana and Nicholae grow increasingly disconnected--to each other, to themselves, and to their mission—and ultimately make the choice to part ways. Adrift on their own, now, each meets an unlikely “friend,” For Nicholae, it is a cosmipolitan travel agent, Dana. For Ana, it is the sad-sack of a department store detective Jan, who, with his mess of a roomate (her day-job is as a human crash-test dummy), embraces Ana’s mission to return to Bucharest. As human connections attempt to trump the formidable barriers posed by language and cultural differneces, so the film becomes a comic meditation on the challenges of building a unity in the New Europe. Jorg Kalt was borin on January 11, 1967. He studied English and Law at the University of Zurich before attending Prague’s famous film school, FAMU from 1991-1992, and the Vienna Film Academy from 1994-2001. He has worked as a journalist and a comic writer. Crash Test Dummies is his feature debut.

PRODUCER: Gabriella Risinger
EDITOR: Emily Artmann
MUSIC: Bernhard Fleischmann
US Premiere!

Monday, April 11 7:30pm Crown Theaters Block E
Saturday, April 16 6:30pm St. Anthony Main Theatre

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