23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

SEARCH AND RESCUE (Special Screening)
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DIRECTOR: various

More of a film situation than a film series, Search and Rescue is an ongoing effort to review, present and hopefully preserve a 6500 title archive of 16mm films produced between the 1930’s and 1980’s. Minnesota Film Arts stepped into the story just in time to save this collection from the dumpster and has been presenting programs based on it since November 2004 when I initiated the program. So far we have screened over 100 pictures from a broad range of subjects and styles all expertly combined to illuminate. Seen today, many of these artifacts are quite engaging, mysterious even, and definitely the material of poetic experience. As a tool that can help us fathom the culture of the last 50 years this collection offers a particularly aggravated perspective. At one moment absurd, the next informative then hilarious or mundane, these images and sounds offer one of the most precious commodities in contemporary cinema ˆ an experience of the unexpected. Listed below are the guaranteed hits that add up to our very first “best of” presentation. The Wizard of Speed and Time - Reactions in Plants and Animals - Chants Populaires - Eggceptional -Territory Defense in Birds - Shep the Farm Dog - Jumping In Norway - Industry on Parade #197 - Life in Old Lousiana - Leslie’s Cube -Love Shots -Toward Emotional Maturity - One World or None -Heavy Hammers - Alumni Reunion 1949- Everybody Rides The Carousel. Matt Bakkom

PRINT SOURCE: Minnesota Film Arts

Tuesday, April 05 9:30pm 2