23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

Min (Contemporary World Cinema)
2003 - Malaysia - 78 minutes

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CAST: Kok Mae Ling, Inom Binti Yon, Ahmad Hashim

Min, a 20 something Chinese schoolteacher adopted by a Malay family when she was a little girl, finds herself at an impasse and decides to go look for her birth parents. She enlists an old school friend to help track down her birth mother. Min finds a lead-her self-knowledge all hinges on the address of a small town factory where her mother may be employed. Min informs her adoptive parents about her plans and sets out on a journey in search of her mother and herself. Along with Amir Muhammad (The Big Durian, in this Non-Fiction Feature section of this year’s fest), and James Lee, Ho Yuhang leads the charge in reinventing a new wave of Malaysian independent cinema. Stylistically minimalist and oblique, Min is one of the harbingers of what promises to be an innovative filmmaking culture. Ho Yuhang left a career as an engineer to write and direct his own films. He has directed a few independent short films and documentaries that have shown around the world, including festivals in Finland, Singapore, and Manila. He co-directed Visits: A Hungry Ghost Anthology with James Lee, Low Ngai Yuen, and Ng Tian Hann. Last year, Ho also received a script and project development grant from the Hubert Bals Foundation for Summer Kisses, Winter Tears. -EC

EDITOR: Ravi Kumar
US Premiere
PRINT SOURCE: Ten on Ten Pictures

Sunday, April 10 5:30pm McNally Smith Auditorium
Wednesday, April 13 5:30pm 2