23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

Small Mall (Non-fiction Features)
2004 - Iceland - 67min

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DIRECTOR: Róbert Douglas

The philosophy of Hjortur, the cashier who dreams of being a movie director but could well settle for a plumbing job once he quits the slavery of the cash register at the supermarket. The agonizing choice of pursuing an acting carrier or a modeling carrier, for the assistant floor manager of the shopping mall. Vilma Santos would like to marry, have kids and move back to the Philippines, but for now... working in the supermarket is as good as it gets. Freyja has been trying to break the Icelandic women’s weight lifting record, but its hard coming in second place... when there are only two women in the competition. She pumps iron on weekends and works at the pet shop on weekdays. For Daniel the pet shop is a hobby, so is modeling and hairdressing, his main ambition is to lounge around coffee houses drinking café lattes all day.... yes he’s gay and he helps out at the pet shop. Then there’s the manic depressive security guard that just lost his dog to cancer, but at least his son came in second in The Icelandic Pop Idol contest. He talks openly about his depression and his dog. Róbert Douglas was born in Reykjavík, Iceland, pursued media studies at university in Northern Ireland and is a self-taught filmmaker. His feature directing debut, The Icelandic Dream (00) - which was based upon his short film Iceland is the Dream (98) - was presented as part of the Festival's Nordic Visions programme in 2001. His other feature films are A Man Like Me (02) and Small Mall (04). - AHS

PRODUCER: Li Yan Ping, Höskuldur Scram, Robert Douglas
EDITOR: Robert Douglas
PRINT SOURCE: Icelandic Film Centre

Saturday, April 09 9:15pm McNally Smith Auditorium
Thursday, April 14 7:15pm Lagoon Cinema

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