23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

real kids (Childish Film Festival)
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Recommended for Age 5+ (International Shorts) Real kids are the subjects of these fictional and non-fictional films about ordinary kids living in familiar and far away places. DIRECTOR EVA SAKS TO ATTEND. GETTING MY GOAT USA / Eva Saks Two brothers call each other names, until they actually do "get each other’s goats". WORLD PREMIERE HIC! OPEN A DOOR IN THE U.S. USA / Koyalee Chanda How do you cure hiccups? A Chinese-American girl and her mother take advice from the colorful people of N.Y.C. KYLIE GOLDSTEIN, ALL AMERICAN USA / Eva Saks Kylie Goldstein was born in China...now she’s part of an American family. This short and sweet doc is Kylie's story. WORLD PREMIERE CONFECTION USA / Eva Saks While considering a delicious strawberry tart, a young girl has an epiphany with an appreciative stranger. LET'S PLAY: KOSOVO FRANCE / Cassandre Hornez and Francois Lechauchois One of the universal rights of children is to play. Meet a group of Kosovo kids, and learn some of their school yard games. OUR STORY Mexico / Bianca Aguerre A surprisingly playful story made in claymation by the children of migrant farm workers about their daily lives and dreams. LITTLE DADDY Denmark / Michael Horsten 7 year-old Marie feels small when her father is too busy to play with her. She comes up with a trick that brings him down to size. COLORFORMS USA / Eva Saks The uptight parents of an extremely messy little girl enlist Grandfather to impose some discipline. Instead, he brings her on a delightful cross-cultural adventure that affirms her true nature.

SPECIAL INFO: Director Eva Saks Scheduled to attend!

Sunday, April 03 10:45:00 AM Riverview Theater
Monday, April 04 1pm Riverview Theater
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