23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

SO MANY QUESTIONS! (Childish Film Festival)
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Recommended for ages 7+ (International Shorts) How long is infinity? How do you know when someone's telling the truth? The youngsters in these films face challenges, ask intelligent questions, experiment, and make interesting discoveries: THE FREAK USA / AristoMenis Tsirbas A CGI animation about an impish, gleeful little fellow who lands in the middle of a drone-like world to ask, "Qu'est-ce que c'est?" LA TOILETTA USA / Dave Goldenberg New Jersey kids try to settle a classroom dispute between a boy and their teacher by breaking into a full-fledged opera. MBOUTOUKOU USA/Cameroon / Victor Viyuoh Napo's older brother is about to go away. He does a coming of age ritual and builds a termite mound. Can Napo follow in his shoes? THE SKY IN HER EYES South Africa / Ouida Smit and Madoda Ncayiyana A young girl in rural KwaZulu Natal struggles with a loss she can not understand. An act of friendship and a kite restore joy. NITS UK / Harry Wootliff James’ parents are acting funny, meanwhile he’s got to deal with nits from school. Gradually James begins to comprehend a difficult family event. STRONG HOLD Norway / Morten H. Evelid Tom’s a curly red head who wants to gel his hair to be cool at school. His mother concocts a secret solution that’s pretty sweet. HOUDINI’S HOUND Norway / Sara Johnsen Fredrik's cousin Klara challenges him to prove he can do a Houdini trick on an empty beach. How did he do it? STORMY NIGHT Canada / Michele Lemieux What if life is just a dream and dreams are real? A little girl’s late night philosophical musings end with a sunny day.

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Sunday, April 03 4:30pm Riverview Theater
Wednesday, April 06 1pm Riverview Theater
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