23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

Heart of Jesus (Contemporary World Cinema)
2004 - Bolivia
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DIRECTOR: Heart of Jesus
CAST: Augustin Mendieta, Melita del Carpio, Ismael Serrano, Nicolas Bauer, Julio Kempff Suarez, Maritza Wilde, Elias Serrano, Antonio Peredo, Julio Jung, Raul Beltran

Desperate times call for desperate measures, especially when you’re an aging worker. In this case desperation comes out of a necessity to avoid paying exorbitant hospitalization. Meet Jesus, a slovenly man making bets, giving bribes, and plainly avoiding anything that relates to real work. Upon suffering a heart attack, he is left by his wife and smothered with exorbitant health care bills. The solution is something East European social satirists might recognize. Stumbling across the record of a man suffering from terminal cancer who shares his name, Jesus uses the other man's documentation to gain indefinitely covered hospitalization. This launches a cat-and-mouse game between the insurance company and Jesus, who finds himself in the maternity ward before being transferred to a terminal patient room overseen by nurse Beatriz. But instead of descending into a light comedy in which the little man puts one over on the system, the film becomes a considerably richer consideration of death and life, and the unexpected connections between the two. -AHS Marcos Loayza wrote and directed Cuestión de fe (1995), which won various international prizes including Best First Film at the XVII Festival del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano. In 1998 he directed Escrito en el Agua, which screened at the Berlin, London, Montreal, Chicago and Los Angeles film festivals.

PRODUCER: Marcos Loayza, Vesna Jovanoska, Frank Dragun, Carlo Bettini.
EDITOR: Niko Remus
MUSIC: Ismael Serrano
PRINT SOURCE: Paola Gosalvez

Saturday, April 09 1pm Lagoon Cinema
Sunday, April 10 3pm Lagoon Cinema
Thursday, April 21 9:00pm 2

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