23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

The girl from monday (Special Screening)
2005 - USA
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DIRECTOR: Hal Hartley
CAST: Bill Sage, Sabrina Lloyd, Tatiana Abracos, Leo Fitzpatrick

A beautiful girl drops into the ocean from a distant galaxy called Monday, where beings have no bodies. The world she enters is one in grave turmoil: A consumerist revolution has laid waste to all non-commodified human interactions, and the, “Dictatorship of the Consumer” has swept through the land. Even sex has become a commodity, creating value for practitioners who manage to make love without developing emotional attachments, and thereby stay free. Ad Executive Jack Bell—played by longtime Hartley collaborator Bill Sage—is at the center of this new world order as an ad executive for the most powerful corporation on the planet, TripleM (Sound familiar?) However, Jack is secretly rebelling against the world he is helping to sustain, empoying a cadre of underground operatives to disrupt the system. When the Girld from Monday winds up hiding out in Jack’s apartment—with the inevitable sexual tension—the stage is set for Jack to discover the truth behind human interaction and for the Girl from Monday to learn about how we live today. Hal Hartley is one of the most distinctive filmakers working in the American Independent scene. His numerous features and shorts have won virtually every American award,and

PRODUCER: Steve Hamilton, Hal Hartley
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Sarah Cawley-Cabiya
EDITOR: Steve Hamilton
MUSIC: Hal Hartley
SPECIAL INFO: Special Screening!
PRINT SOURCE: Possible Films

Sunday, April 10 5:15pm 2

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