23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

Murmuring Coast, The (Contemporary World Cinema)
2004 - Potugual/Mozambique - 115

DIRECTOR: Margarida Cardoso
CAST: Beatriz Batarda, Filipe Duarte, Monica Calle, Adriano Luz, Luis Sarmento

A tension-laden drama set in Africa during a small civil war in the late '60s, The Murmuring Coast offers a far cry from the minimalism of Portuguese art cinema, the film tells an engrossing if upsetting story about the wary end of of colonialism. Rigorously directed and featuring a lush tropical ambience that anchors it in the imagination, the film follows Evita, a young bride who suffers a rude awakening after her wedding. Stuck in Africa and largely abandoned by her new husband, Evita discovers shocking and troubling truths about her country. She sees a people ravaged by colonialism and a world indifferent to the integrity of all peoples. Shot with the grainy look of a ‘60s postcard, the film is an intoxicating mix of suspense, moral truths, political commentary, and a tale of a woman unleashed unto a strange new world. -EC Having earned much acclaim for her screenwriting career, Margarida Cardoso continues a successful directorial career including features With Almost Nothing (’00), Do Outro Lado (’99), Among Us (’98), and Two Dragons (’97).

PRODUCER: Maira Joao Mayer, Francois d'Artemare
SCREENWRITER: Margarida Cardoso, Cedric Basso
EDITOR: Pedro Marques
MUSIC: Bernardo Sassetti
PRINT SOURCE: Filmes do Tejo

Wednesday, April 06 5pm Riverview Theater
Thursday, April 07 9:30pm Crown Theaters Block E