23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

Caterina In The City (Special Screening)
2003 - Italy - 90 min

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DIRECTOR: Paolo Virzi
CAST: Alice Tegli, Sergio Castellito, Margherita Buy, Federica Sbrenna

A l5-year-old provincial girl moves to Rome with her family and gets caught up in both extremes of the political scene through her new friends. With a lot to say about contemporary Italy, comedy veteran Paolo Virzi begins Catarina’s social education in her ailing aunt’s new apartment in Rome after moving with parents (Castellito and Buy) from seaside Tuscany. Ready for something new, she goes to her dad’s old alma mater where the rich kids parroting their conservative ideas vie with revolutionary spouting anti-globals and gets involved in feminist demonstrations organized by moody leftist women, some of whom have lesbian tendencies. Second part of her education comes from a circle of rich mall-rats, who try to make her over into an urban sophisticate, she being pursued by a charming aristo with a mother problem. Plot twists detour around probing the political scene in favor of showing Italy’s great political and social divide through the eyes of an innocent provincial and simply leaves it at that ( observes critic Deborah Young, longtime Variety Rome correspondent). Pleasing comic notes are struck by a cast of top current Italian favorites, including Castellito’s neurotic father, the calm,sensual Caterina from bright newcomer Tegli, and cameo-laden turns from actor-directors Roberto Benigni, Michel Placido and tv host Maurizio Costanza. Eye-catching Roman palazzi, snappy cutting and music for the bursting teenage soul are plusses, notes Young.

PRODUCER: Riccardo Tozzi,Giovanni Stabilini
SCREENWRITER: Francesco Bruni,Virzi
EDITOR: Cecilia Zanuso
MUSIC: Carlo Virzi
PRINT SOURCE: Empire Pictures

Friday, April 08 7:30pm St. Anthony Main Theatre
Saturday, April 09 7:30pm Lagoon Cinema