23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival

Zaman, the man From the Reeds (Contemporary World Cinema)
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DIRECTOR: Zaman, the man From the Reeds

ZAMAN, THE MAN FROM THE REEDS will not be available for the screening on Sunday, April 3rd at Crown Theatres #1. The screening on Monday, April 4th had been moved to that time to accomodate the addition of the Wim Wenders film LAND OF PLENTY. However, this shipping delay prevents the screening on Sunday. It will be replaced by BITTER DREAM.

The screening of ZAMAN, THE MAN FROM THE REEDS scheduled for Wednesday, April 6th at the Bell is still scheduled. Check the website for updates.

Zaman and his wife have lived in the swamps for years. Their world ends at the horizon line. They have built their life together in their house of reeds. When Zaman learns his wife developed a strange illness, he is forced to travel to far off regions in search of medication. His journey is plagued with hardships, including bureaucratic red tape, physical challenges, traveling obstacles, and an unfeeling fellow citizenry. A man used to living a simple rural life, Zaman is forced to reevaluate his life and his country. Bathed in exotic hues of blue and green, Alwan’s film evokes the fertile ambience of the reeds and the frenzied environment of urban Iraq before Hussein’s fall. It also captures the devastating simple story of a man and his beloved, suffering in a world plagued by war and hardship.

Wednesday, April 06 7:30pm 2